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Experior Micro Technologies is an engineering consultancy business that supports organisations and businesses of all types develop, test and implement custom electronics & software solutions.

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At Experior, we work with a wide range of clients to realise state-of-the-art electronics, telecommunications and software solutions. 

We leverage an existing technology IP portfolio and apply agile engineering techniques to reduce costs and accelerate the development process.

We can work independently or as part of an existing engineering team and support the complete development, test, ramp-up and roll-out cycle.  

Electronics Solutions

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Software Solutions

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Prototypes & Production

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we support our clients at every step in their engineering development journey
  • Electronics & Wireless Systems Development
  • Cloud Software & Web-Application Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Test-Plans and FMEA
  • Product Certification & CE Marking
  • Manufacturing Support & Low Volume Production Runs
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Experior is a small engineering business specialising in custom electronics and software development.

Working from locations in Derby in the United Kingdom and Munich in Germany, we employ agile engineering practices to enable clients and partners to reach their goals within timeframes and budgets matched to their requirements.

We have wide-ranging experience and existing IP portfolio in low-power electronics, embedded systems, wireless systems and web-application development.

We also rely on our network of trusted partners to provide services beyond our core capabilities, such as 3D-printing, mechanical component manufacture, control panel production and small to medium-scale production runs.

Electronics Solutions

At Experior, we utilise many years of experience, an extensive IP portfolio and proven project management techniques to realise powerful, bespoke electronics solutions for our clients.

From sensors and control electronics to wireless and embedded systems, we take designs from concept through to prototyping, test and certification, working either individually or as part of a customers' existing engineering team.

We provide transparency at all stages of the development process and support our work with clear documentation, risk mitigation techniques and adoption of relevant industry, national and international standards where necessary.

Once the development process is complete, we provide manufacturing support and also undertake small-to-medium volume production runs at our trusted suppliers.

Our Electronics Experience

Embedded Systems

We engineer custom embedded solutions using a range of microcontroller and SoC platforms

Wireless Systems

We have experience with a broad spectrum of PAN, LPWAN, WLAN and 3G/4G wireless systems


We have developed smart sensors for use in industrial and environmental monitoring applications


We produce a range of control electronics using RS485, RS232, 4-20mA, MODBUS and USB standards


We have built custom USB / RS485 / RS232 / 4-20mA and SDI-12 interface solutions for edge hardware

Explosive Environments

We have designed sensor and datalogging solutions to ATEX standards for use in explosive atmospheres

Our Electronics Services

Electronics Design, Layout & Simulation

PCB and Product Prototyping

Hardware Test & Certification

Our Software Services

.NET Software Development
& Test

Software User Interface

Cloud Software Deployment & Maintenance

Experior Micro Technologies Ltd

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United Kingdom.

Experior Microtech GmbH

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