Web-Based Process Management & Traceability Tool for Carbon Sequestration

Project Details

IoT Functionality: Web-Application for Desktop, Tablet or PC
Human Machine Interface: No-Code Configurable Web Forms & User Dashboard
Machine to Machine Communication: Plant Programmable Logic Controller and Online Auditing Platforms via Custom API
Machine Intelligence:  Statistical Process Control Engine with Automatic Alarms

Working together with CCm Technologies, a leading provider of carbon sequestration technologies, we developed a web-based workflow management, data gathering and certification tool that collects information from CCm's fertiliser plants and provides full traceability of process and feedstock to realise a detailed audit trail for relevant regulators and policymakers.

Using a rich combination of machine-to-machine communicaitons, human input and data dashboards, the tool validates the carbon net-zero of CCm operations and provides traceable evidence from every batch of fertiliser that CCm makes.

Furthermore, the web-app and cloud service utilise machine intelligence and SPC techniques to monitor and predict plant performance, enabling CCm to identify unwanted process variations before they occur.