Air Quality Monitoring System for Evaluation of Green Infrastructure Interventions

Project Details

IoT Functionality: Sensor Hardware, 2G/3G/4G Mobile Telecommunications, Cloud-Based Data Management & Reporting System
Human Machine Interface: Automatically Generated Quarterly Reports
Machine to Machine Communication: Custom API
Machine Intelligence:  Automatic Data Preparation and Analytics on circa. 2.5 million Data-Points

As part of a programme of improvements Southend Borough Council had the requirement to understand the relationships between air-quality, urban heat stress and green infrastructure.

Experior have designed, installed and operated an array of seven air quality, weather and heat-stress sensors over a three-year period to gather data for the evaluation of the effects of green-infrastructure interventions on the well-being of pedestrians in Southend City Centre.

Black-Globe Temperature, Air temperature, Humidity, Wind-Speed, Direction, Airbourne Particulates (PM0.5-PM10), Nitrous Oxides and Ozone were all measured continuously and compared to sampling of subjective pedestrian opinions of air quality with respect to temperature and the built environment.

The system has gathered over 2.5 million datapoints, which are analysed automatically to correlate with interventions made to Southend's pedestrian shopping zone.