Digital-Twin Based Intelligent Control System for Blue-Green Infrastructure

Project Details

IoT Functionality: Sensing and Control Hardware, Wireless Telecommunications
Sensing Functions: Blue-Green Roof Rainwater Tank Level, Valve Position, Tank Rainwater Outflow, Environmental Parameters
Control Functions: Discharge Valve Position
Machine-to-Machine Communication: 2G/3G/4G to Cloud-Based Tank Optimisation Engine
Machine Intelligence:  Cloud-Based Digital Twin, Weather Forecasting, Active Smoothing Algorithm for Tank Rainwater Discharge, Machine Health

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary development team, we utilised our edge computing technology portfolio to develop an IoT enabled intelligent sensing and control module for managing water levels in smart blue-green roof systems and other drainage management infrastructure.

The module transmits rainwater retention tank levels used within blue-green roofs to a cloud-based Tank Optimisation Engine and associated Digital Twin where it is enriched with precision weather forecasting data. The result is used to predict when a tank should be drained in advance of a storm in order that the tank has capacity to absorb rainwater and prevent localised flooding.

The module also measures local environmental parameters to ensure that the blue-green roof retention tank retains sufficient rainwater to maintain healthy plant conditions, thus ensuring green roof longevity and performance.