Data-Driven Workflow Management & Traceability System for Indoor Farming

Project Details

IoT Functionality: Sensors, Control, Edge Hardware, Local Data-Management, Web-Application
Human Machine Interface: Local Human-Machine-Interface & Touch Panel, No-Code Configurable Web Forms and Workflows & User Dashboard
Machine to Machine Communication: Edge Hardware to Cloud via Internet Connection
Machine Intelligence:  Statistical Process Control Engine with Automatic Alarms, Operations Planning and Automated Task Generation

Working together with Cultinova, a leading provider of digital solutions to the controlled environment agriculture industry, Experior developed an IoT driven scalable indoor farm workflow and data management system.

The system can connect to a wide variety of sensors used in indoor growing environments, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, air-velocity, soil moisture, pH, electrical conductivity, flow, and nutrient tank level and feed the data to Cultinova-365, Cultinova's web-based workflow management service. Additionally, the system can control a wide variety of infrastructure found in vertical farms, such as LED lighting, pumps and valves based upon the results.

The system allows indoor farm operators to better understand and optimise their indoor farming operations while providing a high level of visibility to the associated supply chain. Furthermore, gathered data is used as part of automated e-auditing functions with external 3rd-party certification bodies.